Please Note - In order to try and protect the copyright of these mugs they are not necessarily reproduced here in crystal clear quality.

My pencil drawings are reproduced here on fine English bone china mugs produced in the Potteries. There are 3 designs:

1. Niccolo Canepa. 2. Troy Bayliss. 3. Loris Capirossi.
Take your pick (or even take them all).

See below for prices and for ordering details.

Design 1. Niccolo Canepa

Niccolo Canepa china mug

Design 2. Troy Bayliss

Troy Bayliss china mug

Design 3. Loris Capirossi

Loris Capirossi china mug

To see the original drawings, click on this link

Order Details

Each mug costs £9.95 inclusive of UK post and packing



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