Cambrian Return by Andrew Little

This is a fine art print limited to 950 worldwide on the highest quality 300gsm paper.It depicts G.W.R. 4-6-0 Manor Class Locomotive "Dunley Manor" crossing the River Wnion as it travels "The Barmouth Road" between Ruabon and the coast.Image size approximately 16"x14" each print is individually signed and numbered .The prints cost £12 each plus postage and packaging.Please make cheques payable to Andrew Little Fine Art.

This is the scene which confronts you if you visit the location depicted in the painting today. As far as I am aware there are no photographs of locomotives crossing the bridge when the line was in use ( it fell to the Beeching axe during the mid sixties.). So I resolved to try and bring things back to life with as much accuracy as possible. The original oil painting (from which the prints are taken) is a bit of an epic and took me about a year to paint. The locomotive and carriage combination actually did used to ply the line - even the number of the leading coach is correct. Putting this level of detail into a painting leaves you wide open to criticism from those people who think that , post the advent of photography, painting is just about atmosphere and expression. But from my point of view how else , other than by artistic endeavour, can this splendid and much-missed vista be resurrected ?

Anyway here's a webcam shot of the original - corrupted to prevent copying directly off this page.


And here's a shot of a print placed alongside the original


And this is a shot of an actual print.

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